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Product Description


LIMITED SPOTS!!! ORDER BEFORE NOVEMBER 10 SO IT WILL BE READY FOR THIS HOLIDAY. After that date we will not assure any arrival before Christmas.

Make your Custom Organic Cotton Snugglies Sophie’s Doll. Approximately 9.5 ” inches long. Designed for a girl or boys who like to snuggle with dolls. If you have any questions, please ask before order it at a Direct Message  or write us an email to  Read the steps down below and all the customized doll include. Each Sophie’s Dolls are handmade with a rustic finish for the enjoyment of each child who receives it.

Technical specs

Stand Up: Approximately 9.5 x 5” inches 
Material: I00% organic cotton sateen with a glossy finish and soft hand
Thread count: 142 x 80
Certified organic cotton by Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS)
Handmade: * Although this is a artisan + design handmade plush you must be careful taking good care and love to prevent breakage.
Time and process: The designing + printing and sewing processing time can take up to 2 to 3 weeks  days then the order will be mailed to client. But I like to add 5 more days because the increase of orders.


If you have any questions about this item please send us a message before ordering

Select from the customization menu the we provided in top.
During Checkout
, write us a message providing this information, please be specific:

♥ Name and birth date for the back go the Snugglie
♥If you select a solid color: What color?

PLEASE♥♥ Upload the photos during check out of My Account Page / Orders / Upload. (good photos of child and outfit).

If you have any questions about the outfit you like for your doll, send us a message before ordering. The colors can not be replicated exactly. I always do my best, but there are limitations for printing on fabric from a special color swatch.

♥♥♥ PLEASE ORDER ONLY if you are ready with your photos. I can not hold a place if you haven’t your photos ready.
Be attentive FOR ANY CONTACT. A digital illustration of low quality will be send with in 3 to 5 days after your order with information and photos. Accept the design to proceed with its development.

Product Features




Because of her simple, pillow-like design (no strings, bows, buttons, etc. that may pose choking/strangulation hazards to a toddler), you can make a personal decision to allow the doll to become a part of your child nap time and sleep routine as well. Safe for infant or pets. For more information visit our F&Q section.

Digitally vector design

Unlike JPEGs, GIFs, and BMP images, vector graphics are not made up of a grid of pixels. Instead, vector graphics are comprised of paths, which are defined by a start and end point, along with other points, curves, and angles along the way. These paths can be used to create simple drawings or complex diagrams.

Because vector-based images are not made up of a specific number of dots, they can be scaled to a larger size and not lose any image quality. If you blow up a raster graphic, it will look blocky, or “pixelated.” When you blow up a vector graphic, the edges of each object within the graphic stay smooth and clean. This makes vector graphics ideal for our dolls.

Design with your child style

We try to keep our unique style but based on the photo of the child we do our best to resemble the characteristic that we find unique. We give special treatment to details like, style of hair, textures, colors, dimples, freckles, glasses and many mores. IMPORTANT TO READ BEFOR ORDERING: I work from photography, but note that Sophie\\\\\\\'s Dolls are better suited to certain forms to hold the line. Also this dolls are tent to look and feel like a raggedy doll.

Quality from scratch

Quality has always been at the core of us, as we want our products to last whilst being used every day. To ensure the highest quality, we like to be in charge of the entire development and production process – from the first sketch to the final doll.

Time and process

The designing + printing and sewing processing time can take up to 14 to 19 days then the order will be mailed to client. But I like to add 5 more days because the increase of orders.

Get personalized means

Each Doll celebrate the individuality and what makes you one of a kind at the same time that keeps our unique Sophie’s Dolls style of design. As a graphic designer with more than 10 years of experience I took the time to design each doll as it best representation of the child.

Good company

Perfect for travel! The doll will quickly became the newest member of your family, accompanying your child to the grocery store, restaurants, play groups, car rides, runs with mom, visit to doctors ever travel in airplane.


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